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Warning: This Contains swear words and such. Plus this is a joke and is NOT Meant to be taken seriously. And all the assets and model's used in these screenshots all belong to their original owners

Hello i'm a guy who recently got the lost thurman nesegaatari game. How did i get it you may ask? Well i did what's called a dank memer move and went into a guy's how and stole it. IT'S MINE NOW B1T£H! Ok enough retarded introductions, lets play this shit. Well as you can see here this map has the white house and a few other random shit here like the dollar general store and peter griffin. There's also a rocket thing i never got to. Anyways you play as thurman here and you can move him to a spot on this little ugly map. Let's go to one of the forest levels. Well holy shit this looks weird as fuck! You're thurman and you have a boxing glove gun he shoots to punch enemies in the fricking face. You're mainly collecting lemons, What the fuck? they couldn't come up with anything else to collect? What is thurman planning on making some piss lemon aid? Never mind... The enemies here are stupid flying bug things and Dr.Pingas heads going back and forward with a clawer grabbing repeatedly. They were a pain in the ass but these levels took a minute or two to complete. So after finishing that, i went to the dollar general store well here's the store. Your goal is to grab 69 stuff and toilet paper. That seems easy, it seems to be in some type of view where you're seeing thurman's ass while looking around for stuff. There's many customers here. Like Wallace's and dancing jokers. One of the ways i could get stuff is by beating up other customers and stealing their things. N O I C E ! But always go for the wallace's. They have some good shit. I Never get anything from the stupid Joker clown fuckers. They're too busy dancing! i do get hit a few times by some of the customers i'm stealing from, But i always win. These people are too stupid to defend their shit. Oh yeah whenever you beat a level, you get a scooper pooper. What's the fucking point of them? It's pointless like rat piss. i then go over to the one with peter griffin to see what's gonna happen. when i get to him, a screen pops up with some audio Um...ok? what's going on? Peter speaks "So if you want to get this crate, That will be 69 million dollars" Are you fucking kidding me Peter!? Thurman doesn't need money! He uses wallnuts for Money! So in order to pay for the crate i gave peter all the items i stole from the dollar general. To be honest i don't think thurman needs toilet paper at all. If he needs to wipe his ass later, We'll just use perschel or gregory steveblonks. So we unlock kanna? Like if that's a good reward. i tried to go back to peter to see if i could get something else, but then i realised that 1. i ran out of items and 2. Peter kicks me out everytime. stupid ball chin man! So now that i have a new character, Let's test her out in the other forest level. So she's garbage to play as. Really fucking good choice peter. She controls horribly and it reminds me of action 52. The enemies here were the same and i took a lot of damage because this little shit walks as slow as a snail. Anyways off to the next thing and we got another scooper pooper but now i'm getting text screamed at by garfield. Ok so now what? Ah shit here we go with this. We're basically fighting him because i have the scooper poopers. If anyone has fought Garfield i would love to know how it went :D Ok so i won the fight and now i'm off to fight the mountain dew thing. It's name is dew and it has a weird ugly face. Almost as ugly as the faces the gorillaz characters have. i decided to fight him with Kanna which was a fucking terrible idea. This shitcan is unbeatable. He keeps using his spray thing and i fucking lost! Even when i decided to use thurman to fight him, HE KILLED ME IN ONE FUCKING SHOT! Ok now i've lost and the game is making fun of me for losing. WELL I'M SORRY YOU STUPID GAME! IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT YOU MADE A FUCKING CAN OF SODA IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL! Anyways i burnt this piece of shit and luckily i saved the screenshots on a USB. So yeah that's it and have a wonderful night.

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