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Sans is the funny little skeleton we all know and love. His debut was in the game Undertale, where you first meet him in Snowdin Forest. He's also, if you decide to go down the No Mercy/Genocide Route, the most powerful opponent in the whole game. It's also revealed that Sans is depressed, but he hides it really well. But what if I told you that his depression wasn't because he couldn't save his family, and what truly happened to him at the end of his boss fight?

1987 - 2001

Sans, or "Samuel", was born on April 10, 1987, and was considered to be a difficult birth, unlike his twin sister, Sally. When he was finally revealed, it turned out that his heart was the only thing that was moving. An operation went underway to save the little baby. Fortunately, it was successful, but this wasn't the same for his twin, who died after she was operated on for developing a heart tumor. He didn't hear about his father, but the year that Sans turned 7, that all changed, however.

One day after school, he noticed his younger brother, Papyrus, behind a tree, crying. After asking him what happened, he said that his dad, W.D. Gaster, hurt him, but he didn't want to talk about it. Sans then was kidnapped by the same man. Sans, afraid beyond compare, tried to escape, but was unsuccessful. The experiment SOUL-007, also known commonly as "Determination", was injected into his heart, thus giving him his powers.

Every day, however, Sans would be experimented on, and if the experiments went wrong, even at the slightest mess-up, Gaster would beat Sans horribly. But one day, when Sans turned 13, his father tried to see if his son was powerful enough to take a blow from a gun. This resulted in Sans losing a lot of blood, and he was rushed to the hospital, whereas Gaster was put on trial and executed for multiple years of child neglect and abuse.

2002 - 2010

After 9 months of waiting, it finally happened. On July 23, 2002, Sans gave birth to a girl named Frisk, due to having a surgery that gave him a womb. During the time she grew older, her and Sans developed a bond that they would never hurt each other. He would also not tell her any of his secrets. But one night, Frisk woke up to the sound of her father crying. He then revealed the whole thing to her: How he was abused as a child, his history of self-harm, and losing his twin sister.

One sunny morning, on September 5, 2014, to be exact, Frisk had gone missing. Sans spent the whole afternoon trying to search for her. However, his attempts were unsuccessful, leaving him as someone who had lost their child. A few days later, he was told on the news that his own brother was killed by his own daughter, leaving him distraught. After that, Sans decided to leave his home, and move somewhere else.

A town in a snowy, abandoned forest he would later call Snowdin.

September 15, 2015

It was a long, hard battle. Sans was fighting against his own daughter, who had now gone insane. After trying to reason with her, he realized that it was a moot point, and that she won't listen to him. After surrendering himself, he was then slashed across the chest, or so his daughter thought. Sans only used it to get Frisk back to her senses, only faking his death.

But sooner or later, after getting home, he realized that he was the only one still alive, and due to the grief and self-hatred consuming him, Sans decided to end it all. He was later found in his room, on the ground, after it was found that he shot himself in the head. Frisk was let known of the situation, but deciding to keep her memories of her with her father, she had him cremated, and his ashes were placed inside the Heart Locket she wore. Now, his ghost haunts the town of Snowdin.


And that's it! This is only a theory, so don't yell at me in the comments, saying this never happened in-game. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed!

Credited to Chara004

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