The Unrelease Fortnite Season

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Hey There! My name is Billy. I'm sure all of you have know "Fortnite" right? Well this unreleased season that changed my life Forever. I was playing Fortnite In 2021, i did played season 7 of chapter 2, Until Donald Mustard Posted a Unreleased Cinematic Trailer. i watched the unreleased trailer about it and it was Scary And Terrifying! i was about to close twitter until the live event started. After a minute of the live event, the battle pass trailer got released, and it includes Naruto?? and Kevin the cube?! i was confused while the servers are down, the battle pass trailer ended with a jungle featuring baby tarzan in the jungle crying at the end of the trailer, after the baby keeps crying for 9 seconds the trailer ended. i was scared about something in that trailer. after a few attempts the servers are back up and after the same two trailers it showed the battle pass menu where i can choose the 950 v bucks one or the 2,800 v bucks one. i choose the battle bundle for 2,800 v bucks and it gave me the skins and some stuffs and battle stars, but then after i spend 19,800 v bucks of everything and gave me the hole thing! after all of that spending thing, the cinematic trailer button pops out of nowhere, and i press it. the cinematic traier begins with a jungle themed trees and agent jonesy choping trees with a baby friend named tarzan and naruto pops out in the jungle telling jonesy to get out of here before naruto gets killed by kevin the cube. then it ends with a strange skin that is a vilan and trys to find them and it ended.

I'm not sure about the cinematic trailer and the battle pass trailer so the finally closed fortnite but the creepy lost video of fortnite showed up and it was a VHS Tape about naruto hanging out with goko and they find sabor and eats both of them the vhs tape ended, so i smashed the tv and ran away to stay away from the unreleased season. i told donald mustard about this, and donald said. "Where did you find this season, where sorry for playing this season and we will remove this season!" i was happy and got back to season 7 of chapter 2 but, what happined to the unreleased season of fortnite?

Thanks for reading my creepypasta story, i dont know this is fake or not, but thanks for reading this!

Written by Jordan Wasowski
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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