The Words That Saved My Life

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I’d been suicidal for almost 2 years.

After my dad died of leukaemia and I lost my grandma, things started looking bad for me. I stopped going out, stopped eating and started taking opioids. I had given up on life. One day, my depression was really bad, and I decided it was time. I thought no one would miss me. I thought no one would care if I didn’t wake up in the morning. I was at the end.

I posted a goodbye on my Facebook page, more for myself than for anybody else; a message about the reasons why my life is no longer worth living. I was about to end my own life, a life that I felt had no worth, when my phone rang.

I sat staring at it for what seemed like forever. Finally I answered it, and heard the words that would ultimately save my life: “babe, don’t kill yourself, ahaha, you’re sooo sexy ahaha” In that moment it was as if my mind had been freed, given purpose, and my will returned. All it takes is a few word to save a life. I still don’t know who it was that saved me that day but if you’re out there, I hope you know how grateful I am. So please, reach out to your friends and family to save lives.

Credited to R2isThatYOU 

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