The Worst Wikia Ideas Ever

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Here, we make the WORST wikia ideas ever. These must be Wikias that shouldn't be made, as they are just plain stupid. Don't harass other Wikias though, so no 'FNAF WIKI LOL' or 'CP WIKI LELELE'

Also, don't actually make these Wiki's (don't)


  • 2 Girls 1 Cup Wikia
  • Lolskeletons Skeleton Porn Emporium Wikia
  • The Content In This Wiki Is Totally Not Stolen From Wikia
  • Anarchrist Cookbook Wikia
  • .webm Porn Wikia
  • Badarse Words To Say To Your Mom When You're Angry Wikia
  • Poop Wikia
  • Netmums Wikia
  • Durex Wikia
  • Hyper-Realistic Wikia
  • Wikia Wikia
  • EVIL PATRIXXX Jokes Wikia
  • Edgy Egyptian Memes Wiki
  • Fly Fishing Wikia
  • Serbian Man Wikia
  • EVIL PATRIXXX Jokes Jokes about WIkia
  • Slander Banter Wikia
  • Hatred WIkia
  • Banter Lads Wikia
  • Colorado Wikia
  • Wikia The Paid Encyclopedia
  • Five Nights At... Parodies Wikia
  • Legalise Crystal Weed Wikia
  • Tony Bomboni Wikia
  • Balloon Type Wikia
  • The Chronicles of Kanye's iPhone Wiki
  • 2 Much Sweggy Banter Lol Wiki
  • Spodermen Porn Wiki
  • Fifty Shades of Sex Positions Wiki
  • Fuckin' Ugly Reds Wikia
  • How the Grinch stole Christmas rule34 Wikia
  • Jeff the Killer's dead mom Wikia
  • Sticking your finger in your belly button and smelling it Wikia
  • Slenderman's Nosehairs Wikia
  • Jeff's brother Liu Wikia
  • Miley Cyrus Lookalikes Wikia
  • Westboro Baptist Church fan club Wikia
  • Sanic the Hegehog Porn Wikia
  • Meatspin Wikia
  • Markiplier's dead, rotten, mutant mustache Wikia
  • Pinkguy's b0sstastic Wikia
  • Wilford Brimleys Diabeetus Wiki
  • Napoleon XIV x Dr. Awesome x The Voice Inside Your Head Wikia
  • Wiki Wiki Can't happen, cuz already exists and it redirects to Community Central.
  • Those little voices inside your head wiki
  • Games That Got Ripped Off By Undertale Wiki (It should have entries for Earthbound, Cave Story, OFF, Touhou Project and Mr. Bones for Sega Saturn.)

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