The adventures of Jeff and Slenderman

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EP1: Pilot

Once upon a time, Jeff and Slenderman were walking through the woods.

"So, this place is your childhood, Slendy?" said Jeff.

"Yes. Indeed it is." Said Slenderman.

"You told me that you like, stuff your notes n' stuff here?"

"Yes I do. I do it beacause these notes are special. They were from the first victims I ever killed."

"Oh? Really? That's sweet." added Jeff. "Well, all I have is Knifey."

"Would you quit obsessing about that piece of metal? It's getting on my nerves."

Jeff got angry real quick.

"HEY!!! Don't you talk like that in front of my Knifey!!" Screamed Jeff.

"It's just a knife, Jeff! Get over it!"

"Oh? What's that, Knifey? You wanna cut him? OK!"

Jeff then swung "Knifey" at Slenderman and cut him. "ACK!!!" Shrieked Slenderman.

Slenderman began bleeding HYPER REALISTIC black ooze. "GAH!! Now look what you've done!"

Slenderman then used one his tentacles to wrap up Jeff.

After a few seconds though, Jeff could'nt breathe!!

Jeff then had a excellent idea! He then used his knife to cut Slendy's tentacle!

"NO!!!" gasped Slendy.

Slendy then dropped Jeff.

Jeff then saw Slenderman fall to the ground.

Jeff felt sorry. He knew his "Outbursts" had been a problem lately.

He then extended his hand out to Slenderman... Who took it.

"Hey listen, I'm sorry... I can make it up to you though." "How?" asked Slendy.

"We can go MAKE OUT and do NAUGHTY THINGS like in the fanart!"

"Yes! YES!! I would dearly love to!!"

And so they did.


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EP2: Eyeless Jack's Food Shack

Jeff and Slenderman were walking around Creepypastia, looking for a good place to eat.

"Are we there yet?" asked Jeff.

"NO!! We are not, and that is final!!" yelled Slenderman.

Then they both looked up, and saw a large tilted wooden sign on a buliding that said "Eyeless Jack's Food Shack"

"Finally!!" said Jeff.

They walked in and ordered some SPAGHETTI covered in BLOOD and GUTS. They then sat down at the table and began eating. They looked around, and almost every Creepypasta character was here. The Rake sat in the corner, TEARING APART his meal, (Whatever it was) and Sonic.exe sat in the opposite corner, eating some fried flesh, and Herobrine was here too, eating some cooked porkchop.

"Well, Exe has really let himself go, hasn't he?" added Slenderman.

"Your're right. Look at his gut!" said Jeff.

"Jeff! That's rude."

"Sorry, but YOU pointed it out!"

"I know, but STILL, it's-"

Slenderman was cut off by an explosion only 6 ft away!! Then... Out the smoke... was RAP RAT!!!!!!!!

Rap Rat then proceeded to grab the cashier (Who was Squidward, BTW,) and demanded all of the money in the register.

Jeff had a sense to attack Rap Rat.

"HEY!!! Knifey doesn't like robberies!!" And swung at him.


Jeff was not fazed by this, he killed people everyday.

Blah, blah, blah, stuff happens, Jeff and Slendy defeat Rap Rat.

Rap Rat said "Hey!!! This is un-un-un-cool, ya tools!"

Slenderman said "Rat-demons ain't got sh#t on us."

Jeff sliced him once more, and he was warped to Creepospital, where Creepypastas go to when they are killed. (They get brought back to life there, too.)

"Well. That's the last we'll see of him!" Jeff exclaimed.


EP3: Go with the Flow

Jeff and Slendy were sitting in their house, playing Left4Dead2. In the middle of their session, their TV switched to CRP1, their news broadcast channel.

"UUUUUUGH, what now?" asked Jeff.

"This is an emergency!! There will be a strong flood coming directly from Polybius Ocean!! We need to evacuate the residents of Creepypastia NOW!!!! The flood will start at 5:00!' yelled the anchorman.

Then the TV switched back to Left4Dead2.

"Uuuuuh oooooooh..." said Slendy nervously...

"We need to get out of here!" exclaimed Jeff.

Jeff then woke up Smile Dog (Who was his pet) and they all began running outside.

"Hey... who has a boat? asked Jeff.

"I believe that BEN has one..." said Slenderman.

"Let's go!1! We need to survive!" said Jeff.

So they began heading towards BEN's house, which was on Triforce Avenue. They busted open the door and said "BEN!!! We need your boat!"

"I know. I heard. we need to get it out now."

They pulled the boat out of the closet and then placed it outside.

Just as soon as they got in, the water started flowing in.

The boat was picked up by the water, and off they went!

Jeff saw all of the Creepypasta characters swirling around, drowning, and struggling in  the water.

Jeff knew that Creepypastia would be no more without Creepypastas, and he knew that Creepospital would be destroyed.

Jeff then saw The Rake struggling to swim.

Jeff then grabbed him and pulled him into the boat.

"Sssssh, it'll be alright. Now help me grab some more pastas!!"

They all began grabbing the pasta characters out of the water, even Smile Dog helped.

They picked up Sonic.exe, Eyeless Jack, Tails Doll, Squidwad, the Creepy Black Ghost, and Mario.

They fortunately all fit in the boat, and then the waters suddenly became stronger.

"Everyone hold on!!!" yelled Slenderman.

The boat rocked to and fro, fro and to, until WHAM!!! Their boat hit smack right on a buliding!!

The boat split in half, seperating Sonic.exe, BEN, Squidward, Tails Doll, from Creepy Black Ghost, Mario, Smile Dog, The Rake, Jeff and Slenderman. But the boat(s?) didn't sink, though. They just floated downstream like that.

"HEEEEY!!! You guys ok over there?" yelled Jeff.

"We're fine, thank you." replied Sonic.exe.

The waves were calming down, and the ground was becoming visible.

"Ok, we can-a-step off now. The waves have-a-calmed now." said Mario.

They all stepped off. They then wished they hadn't.


Squidwards' jaw dropped. "Ughh... It's gonna be another one of those days..."

They all ran as fast as they could. They couldn't outrun it. They were swallowed by the gigantic wave, and they were struggling to get air. They all drowned.

Then Slenderman woke up. PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!!

Slenderman thought to himself: "What a strange dream... It was so HYPER-REALISTIC..."

Slenderman then got up to get some coffee.


I honestly can't think of another episode... Could I have a recommendation?

EP4: Blaccksplosion

It has been a 3 days since the "Rap Rat Robbery" took place, and things have settled down.

Jeff and Slenderman were walking down the street, seeing the sights and meeting new people.

"You know, Jeff...I never realized how many friendly and caring people lived here. I mean, we're all pyschopathic murderers, but who knew we could have such vivid personalities?" asked Slenderman.

"I had no idea either. Also, it's good to get out and about!" stated Jeff

"I suppose. You know, ever since that robbery, things have been quite fine." said Slenderman.



A gigantic explosion covered the city in blackish smoke. SO SKUREH!!

Jeff and Slendy saw it, and backed away like in dem old Tom and Jerreh cahtewns.

The black smoke flew into the mouths of the creepypastas, and...uh...they became...morbidly obese. Yeah...I didn't read that wrong. It's right here.

The creepypastas ballooned up, and they began to crave a sudden need for CHOCLOART!! Jeff and Slendy, for some inexplicable reason, survived! I don't know, this is a trollfiction!

Uh...stuff...happened...and stuff.

Yeah, the chocloart stands were cluttered with these morbidly obese creepypastas

Jeff and the Slenderman had to do something!! They began by breaking down the blackish compound produced by the explosion with some science-y stuff that Jeff pulled out from the space pocket behind his back. It was some non-existant fictous compound that I was too lazy to pick a name for.

They found a magical gas tank and Jeff said "I have a plan!"

They stole some chocloart from a morbidly obese Rake, who made a loud screechy noise.

Soon, all the obeses were chasing Jeff and Slendy!

They led them to the magical gas tank, when they all crowded around it, Slender used his long, adhesive, hentai tentacles to blow up the gas tank. Don't ask how, he just did.

Every body had the fat painfully and slowly and violebtly and fatally had the fat sucked from their body. Again, don't ask how.

Jeff and Slendy were heros! Eh...I have no life.

Written by UndeadSlimeyBro‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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