The blue demon

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me and my girlfriend were having trip to new York city. for about 5 hours we finally go to new guy said go back before you will die. me and my girlfriend do't care about him. i found a house that was only $500 dollars.

later that day: i found a store named get your demon food. it was just for people that are +40. i tell my girlfriend that this store is creepy as hell.

i went to my bed and went to sleep.

3:00 am

i woke up. i saw something in the window. it look like a demon but blue. the blue demon ran to the fog Quickly. i just tell my girlfriend what i just saw but she dose't think demons are real.

i call 911

the police said whats going on?

i said i saw a blue demon in my window.

the police said there's no demon in this city

the police hang up.

the next night i hide under my bed watching out for the blue demon. i hear a noise that said you wish never come to new York city.i was scared of demons so i ran to my room and went to sleep.

at 1:00 am

i woke up and saw the blue demon in my room and said


the blue demon ran to the bathroom. i follow the blue demon. the blue demon open a box of swords. he use it to kill people. the blue demon kill me and my girlfriend.

the police look inside the house. the police found a note that said


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