The borealis

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so it was night i was playing some half life 2 episode 2 and when i finally finished it i got to modb to find some mods and i found a interesting one it was called borealis.exe there was no download but i found it on steam for 1 cent so i bought it when it finally downloaded i got to playing it but something odd was there was not main menu the game just jumped in i started playing it it was normal just wlking in the snow searching for the borealis and i found a canyon with stairs i got down and saw the borealis but the name of it was changed to why? and then the game just froze and my computer crashed and when i came back the game was gone from the desktop the steam library and from the steam store so i contacted valve and they said some guy put it on ilegaly and was gone to. one day i found the game it was called why?.exe i opened it and it was just text it was saying why? you made that accident i sorted out and it was one thing it was the accident from the half life game i thought thats why the borealis was mis...

in the meanings if your scared this creepypasta is not real its just a story

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