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*pant* man I finally got away. She's been chasing me for what seems like years yet has only been 10 minutes. Her name is Sarah but no last name or middle. I'm taping this cause I might die by midnight. I should have died last night when she threw a knife in my chest but I didn't? Well I guess I'll start from the beginning my name is Billy and I live with my friend Roy. Four days ago I got a DVD in the mail. Me and Roy were confused why we had gotten it but we put it in the DVD. It was a short horror scene scary,too scary put into words. A chill went down my back but at the end when it said you will be brutally killed in three days my heart sank. We reported it but the cops said it was untraceable. Why? *sniff*last night she killed Roy. she took off all of his skin right in front of me.It was torture for me and Roy. In the end his eyes were gone his insides were now outsides an like I said no skin. Now I'm In the sewers. I'll update soon It's me billy two hours later my girlfriend doesn't believe me so I'm on my own. I'm scared out off my mind. She clawed my arm in the sewers I got a good look at her. she has cut a smile in her face and where her eyes should be were little miniature nuclear explosions she basically represents hell. I stole a wooden bat and some nails and pounded the nails in. i'm in a hotel and wait i see her damn it she's walking up to the hotel. How did she find me. Screw it I'm killing her. If I die someone find the video on my phone.someone kill her. Ahhhhhhhhh! I think she is dead. I woke up tied to the ground she was about to kill me but I got out and killed her with the bat. It's finally over finally over. God damn it's ov-ahhhhh.who ever finds this phone is my victim just like Billy and Roy were.

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