The future of evil

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

I came from a not so distant future to tell you to watch out, watch out for the those that call themselves republicans, jews, muslims or real christians, watch out for them, they offer you salvation, they offer peace but in the end they all want is to fuck you hard.

The America you and I live in is not the America that used to be, Itis one of lies and deciet and taxes to pay CEO's so they can shit in your face harder, because that is what they like to see, you to be weak, lethargic and covered in shit you can't even afford, because they will charge you trough the nose for the shit they drown you in, and then they fuck you hard because they are perverted and evil. Then they fuck your wife, kill your dog, your horse, your car and your children, then he will empty your fridge steal your car sell your wife kill your horse again, burn your house, get a new priest, sell the churh, go to a airport and hijack the plane and ram it in your ass.

Then he will pollute your farmstead, take your chicken and ram your cock(rooster) inside it, then he will bury your tractor, roast your pigs, drink your milk and steal your trash, kill your moose, take the roof and send it to the moon, then he will employ you to get it back. He will also give you double cancer and tie your cock(penis) in a knot.

And he won't be done yet, he will then execute your uncle, give the nobel peace price to Fidel Castro(zombie) and declare peace with North Korea, send your family to the gulag, drink your booze and feed you McDonalds till you are immobile. Then he will fondle your grandmother and blow your grandfather (sexually), he will take your money and travel to Las Vegas, get a hooker and abuse her (violently), blow the money (financially), you will be work in a cocaine plantation till you crystallize, and then you will be ground and snorted up, so please before it is too late listen to me, we must stop those who control America lest we all end up in the grave with our asses bare sticking up from the soil.

-Future Karl Marx

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