The great shrek war

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<poem>Hello my name is mr theory and ever wondered where Shrek father well he died in a war leaving his son the only Shrek alive and has flashbacks Let me explain it just a normal day in teletubbie land when suddenly knack from the hit PlayStation sonic fanfic called knack and the Shrek God was now kill the Shrek people were pissed they sent a nuke to knack land the doctor guy (I forgot his name) was kill and then knack died of death but the shrek people wasn’t sad about the god of shrek because they noticed a very sexy piece of grass and made it they new god but when the people in knack land saw the sexy grass they also wanted it for knack 3 China most wanted so the bitch from knack stole it the shrek people were pissed they sent 10 nukes to knack land and the war began everyone joined in to get the one sexy grass it was world war 3 and of course shrek father joined in as legendary anime sword man he powerful more than shaggy he also knows dark magic his desire was to take over teletubbie land with darkness and make it the shadow realm where rules over he had a wife which he had make her to flee with their son to a new land she later died year later after “the outhouse incident” but that for another day so anyway Day 1 of war The phantom shreks from shreksona 5 took back the sexy grass and the bitch from knack was kill the knack people were pissed and sent nuke but the shrek people had a anti nuke thing it actually went to bee movie land and killed the bitch from bee movie the ceo of bee movie was pissed they summoned Luigi who used his gay Luigi attack the knack people were kill and then Luigi stole the sexy grass and shrek people sent 100 nukes to bee movie land but bee movie land also had a anti nuke thing and it actually went to Russia the ceo of Russia was piss they summoned mr bean who killed Luigi and took the sexy grass Day 21 I can’t count Shrek father summoned all creepypasta ever to existed to join the fight because I don’t know and the ceo summoned even more people because idk don’t ask me and now everyone in whole world joined the war for that sexy grass the ceo of wars built a battle zone a upcoming fortnite map and let the world war 3 begin and also build a leaderboard and who ever get first wins by points by getting power stars from Mario 64 so everyone did that Wario came from the sky and use his ass attack killing happy appy and he ate him eat your apples kids and then Shane Dawson drive a van that says free candy and wario brok through back door and there was no candy wario was pissed and shouted "WHERE WARIO CANDY" “There is no candy” said Shane Dawson wario was even more pissed he jump on Shane Dawson he sit on his face and said”NEVER LIE ABOUT WARIO CANDY MY MUSTACHE HAS DEEMED THAT YOU GET MY WARIO STEAM ” And farted and it smelled so bad that Shane Dawson into a skeleton and was kill Wario was kill as well because his shit was to powerful You know what I’m bored so im going to leave the epic fight to the magic rapping skeleton on his magic carpet take it away “Old man Donkey Kong was walking around he still has no bitchies then suddenly Jeff The Killer put a knife in his ass he said OOOOOO he turn punch Jeff in the face but then big gay bower crush both of them with a big bulldozer and then mr bean came down but shoot down shrek farther This is the ultimate war for one piece of grass I wonder who will win Who get all power stars But while he singing he accidentally dropped his famous big fucking nuke that destroy the anti nuke thing and killed everyone and then he took the sexy grass and flys away The end <poem>

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