The legend of doom!

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Laytely I have been playing the legend of zelda orcarina of time for the nintendo64 though something weird was happening this is what happned.

I wanted to play the legend of zelda orcarina of time so I went on ebay to buy a copy I found 1 copy that was baddely scratched but I bought it any way. When the game got to my house it had the letter O on it. I put it in my nintendo 64 and began to play. I eventuly beat it and I unlocked a mode called doom. When I clicked on it, it arlready had a file it was called death so I played it and all it was was link running in circles while ganondorf lauging. Link popped out of thescreen and yelled "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!" So i ran up stairs and link cut down my door and I jumped out of the window and landed dead. I am writing this from hell so don't buy a game of ebay ever.

Credited to super_toterra 

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