The murderer

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okay,i have very little time to write this, but i have to tell the world of HIM. It all began a few hours ago, i was watching tv, kind of falling asleep, then i heard a thump coming from upstairs.On instinct, i went to go check upstairs. That was one of the worst choices i made in my life.As i went upstairs, i heard a blood-curling scream. I saw a tall, built man, who was laughing at something. I snuck behind the wall to get a closer look, and i saw that the man had a mask on,not like the ones from movies. It was a mask that covered all his face, the only thing that was not covered was his eyes. the mask was colored blood red. i drew even closer, and saw that he had a knife, which was dripping blood. plus, i saw my sister, eyes soulless, dead in a blood puddle. I let out a gasp, and the man noticed me. I screamed "I'L KILL YOU!". But the murderer merely chuckled, and lunged at me. he stabbed me several times, and it was the most intense pain i've ever felt. I'm still hurting as i'm telling you this. Im a very fast typer and i have to tell you this before he KILDSDEECDEFWEV. YOU ARE NEXT, WHEN YOU HEAR A LOUD SIREN, YOU WILL DIE. YOU ARE NEXT

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