The mysterious man

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one day i was walking home fgrom school when i found a men come to me and he said: i will kill you tonight hehehe. i ignoirred this and went home.

thast night i was playing csll of duty on my playstation 3 it is my favoirtue fun game.! suddenly i heard am man knocking my door i wondered whow as it? so i opened the door but noone was therre. i shruuged my shoulderas and went to bed i was so sleepy zzzzzzzzz. time to die matthew hehehe i heard. i wokue up scarred but there wasnt snywaone there..

then next day i went to school and i noticed that everyone at the schhol was dead. i thought i was being puinked but that wasnt the case.. i wentr to class and my teacher said: 'hello matthew hehehe' i slowly turned my head and it was the mysetrouis man.!

what do you want from me.?!' i aseked.

the mysterious man siad: "who am i.? hehehe. i am the man who will end you life. the man pulled out a gun and shot me many tiemas in my head bam bam bam bam.

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