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2014 would never be the same for me. I was at the 2014 San Diego comic con where there was a “the office’ reunion. I remember hearing about a lost office episode on a 4chan board so I asked Steve Carell about the episode, and he proceeded to ignore me.

A few days later i got into a skype call Steve Carell he said that he to was aware about the lost episode and gave it to me via package with other office goodies but he told me “if you were to tell anyone else about this episode i’ll take away a kidney, also this episode is very messed up too”, I put the DVD in my PS3 and then it began

There was an episode selection of 5 episodes, the 1st 4 were pretty unremarkable: they were just episodes with blooper outtakes nothing too bad. But the 5th episode is where things get wild it said it was “season 9, episode 26” which i found odd season 9 only had 25 episodes, but then i realize “oh yeah it’s the LOST EPISODE stupid!” so i played the episode.

The episode did not start with the usual intro it was the classic intro with steve carell (he plays michael scott) but then shit started to hit the fan when dwight instead of him putting his credit card he put his ENTIRE hand in the paper shredder, the upbeat music was muting out his screams of pain and then it showed Ryan Howard holding a type of bloody bag i assume it was a bag of MEAT after a few inconsistencies with the intro the episode began the whole office crew were preparing for halloween and then a Silver Alert started playing abou pam beesly going missing, jim halpert started crying while everyone was comforting him about this dwight started to quietly walk away there were no interview like bits, which i was kinda glad because those kinda killed the emersion of that scene. A few minutes later DWIGHT CAME OUT WITH A FREAKING CHAINSAW A CUTTED OFF MICHEAl’S FREAKING HEAD AND KILLED THEM ALL, and then the episode ended HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED I shouted (well looking back at the mass murder i knew it was fake but it was unexpected and the effects where pretty cheesy). I could not sleep for at least a week after i saw that thinking “what if that was real?”.

Currently as i’m writing this, Steve Carell is performing surgery on me to steal my kidney, for telling you this story, maybe you could spare me a kidney?. THE END, thanks for reading.

Written by Sig the primp kid
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