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I've always loved the Super Mario Bros series. But ever since the experience i've had, I don't think I will be able to play any more Mario games. It was late at night, and I was playing Super Mario 64. I recently found the cartdridge in my attic and I was excited to play it, because I recently got into retro gaming. So I plugged my old N64 in and popped the cartridge into the N64. I was excited since I've always had a urge to play SM64. When I turned on the N64, I noticed that something was off. The game over screen showed, and it only showed Mario's head. But it had no pupils. Its eyesockets were completely black, and the  head was staring right at me. I decided this as a continuation from when I played this before. When I got to the profile selection, the music was backwards and slowed down. Mari'o's head was drooling with blood from every place it could come out of (Eyes, ears, mouth, etc.) I was shaking with fear now, and tried to go upstairs to my room. But my door was locked. Strange, but I understand when I live with 2 nosy brothers who always play tricks on me, I walked back to the living room and saw that mario was already in the screen. But he was in the castle, with Luigi. I watched silently as the text boxes scrolled by itself.

Luigi: Mario, the pipe is broken. I went in.

Mario: I'll go see it.

What pipe? I never remember from the Let's Plays that this happened. I watched as Mario walked over to a blood covered pipe. He jumped in. Then, I regretting watching. The TV began to flash wildy. My eyes hurt, so I tried to shut it off. Then I heard a deep, low, distorted voice. YOU... WILL... DIE... I ran to my room with my Mom's key, unlocked my door, and hid under the covers. In the middle of the night, I swore something was beside my bed. I could hear its inhuman breathing, and some liquid dripping from it. I ignored it and fell asleep. In the morning, I found some red splotches on the ground. I was freaked out. I went to school and told my friends about my experience about it but they laughed and thought I was lying. The second night, I saw the thing. It was bloody, black sockets, no ears, all fours, pale skin, and bloody claws. In the morning, I decided to never touch Nintendo games again.

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