The Scary Kid

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hi i saw a scary kid. i asked him what was he doing in a house. he then said he killed himself with ear. i said but how. but then he said EAR and ran away. i thought he wanted me to kill self with ear so i ripped ear off of my body. but then i wasn't dead. then some guy came up and said RUN i then ran while pissing my pants and i said OH GOD HELP PLEASE HELP GOD GOD NOOOOO!!!! then i went in my car and went on top of my car on over top of my car to the under top of my car and drove away. the guy then said I FIND YOU and i was so scared and i was like that was close. but then i woke up and then i saw him next to me and im like help. so if you can read this help me i live outside bye now.

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