The titanic revesred

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I saw the titanic rise from the sea. First, I saw the ocean get a huge titanic boner and people started to parkour onto it. one guy jumped from the bottom to the top. then it lands straight in the water. more people parkoured and human katamaris tumbled from the sea. then the other half of the ship was seen. the first and last towers were falling from the sea going up onto the two halves of the titanic. they stood there and were fixed. finally the titanic pulled itself together and was now in 1 piece.

then people started to be ejected from a KISS show because it was not around at the time. the grand ball room's supports were refixed, even though they were made of wood. then, the lights went back on, like a carnival ride turned on. then a baker flew from the sea to the titanic's butt. then a crazy bitch flew up from the bottom of the sea and then grabbed a person's hands. a 1st class room pulled itself together. dishes were repaired, and guys started sliding around like don't rock the boat baby.

everyone started humping the air. more plates were repaired. the doors of the cabins were being pulled back by sticky water. then the staircase's dome sucked up all the water and it was fixed so jeeves sighed. then the incredibule hulk threw one of the towers into it's supposed place. then the other staircase was being fixed, while adam sandler was grabbing a statue of a naked woman. then everyone did the moonwalk and people started climbing ropes like ninjas, but they were coming out of the sea.

then the captain's cabin was repaired and smith breathed because there was no more water. then a guy flipped and unshot himself before saluting. then the lower decks were getting rid of their water. then the titanic got ride of the ice.


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