The true and scary story of Sid Phillips

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Why do you think he has the Skull on his shirt?

You may know the boy named Sid from the hit Pixar movie, Toy Story. This kid tortures toys, as you may know, and is the antagonist in the film.

Well what you don't know is that Sid has a severe psycho killing side to him, and how the movie portrays him as torturing "toys", the ones who know him in real life know full well that those are not toys. He kidnaps kids who are smaller than he is and tortures them, JUST FOR FUN!

For example, when Sid has the horrifying experience of hearing the toys talk and witnessing them come to life, the truth is, Sid's delusional fantasy was starting to interfere with the real world, and he was finally hearing the words of his victims for the first time. It is unknown whether or not he still plays his little games.

Theory #1 that Sid is evil

He has a big head, and big heads mean big brains, and he's so smart he personally disassembles his helpless victims during his scary operations, where he plays surgeon. As Buzz Lightyear points out, "I don't think that man has ever been to medical school."

Theory #2

Sid has a sister named Hannah, and Hannah spelled backwards is Hannah!

Theory #3

Sid likes poptarts, because during one of his interrogations, where he burned a hole in someone's head with a magnifying glass, a woman, (Who could only be Sid's mom), calls out "Sid, your pop-tarts are ready!" and Sid drops everything he's doing and runs to get them.

Sid kills Andy

The reason why Andy went from being so young, to so old, between the events of Toy Story 2 and 3, is because the original actor was killed by Sid, who, in turn, became a garbage man to hide his identity. "Andy" was brought into Toy Story 3 as a 17-year-old, so the entire story was changed because of this. If Sid hadn't have done that to the real Andy, there would have already been a Toy Story 3, and there would be five more films out right now.


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