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First Encounter

At around age 8 or 9, My cousin was staying with me, I have a pool in my back deck, Me and my cousin decided to go for a Night swim at around 9, I decided to turn on the pool light so we could see, After around an hour or so, My cousin started running, He said he saw something Pitch Black with Glowing Yellow Eyes. The Next day, He said he saw it warp behind me and Saw it Morph into what looked like a copy of me.

The Effects And 2nd Encounter

At ages 10-11 my luck began to drop, First I ended up getting harassed in school both by other Students and teachers, Then I got sleep paralysis and would sometimes wake up at 3:15 in the Morning and Feel Like I was being watched. At age 12 I noticed strange things were happening, Such as Objects dissapearing, And Objects being found somewhere that I don't remember putting them there. At age 15 I had a feeling like I was being watched, I would see "The Watcher" at certin places I went, Such as The lake that my Dad would sometimes take me too, And it would stare at me from one of the old log cabins from across the lake.

The final encounter

After 5 years of having it watch me at the lake, I came Face to face with "The Watcher" I forgot about "The Watcher" Having not going to the lake in 5 years, I had brought a gun and some gasoline, I intended to kill "The Watcher" Once and for all, I went to the log cabin where I seen it watching me, I pulled out my gun and opened to the door quickly, I shot it 6 times in the Heart, But that Bastard still didn't go down, I shot it 6 more times and It still didn't go down, All my ammo was gone, I grabbed an axe an chopped off it's arm, Only to have it scream in pain, I finished it off by Planting the axe into it's head, It was still somewhat moving on the ground, I started chopping at it, it finaly died, I dumped the gasoline on it"s body, And lit a match catching the cabin on fire. I'm glad I can finaly Rest knowing that thing can't terrorize people anymore.

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