Thomas And The Killer Cars

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I've been a huge fan of Thomas when I was a kid. I've been collecting all the wooden engines first to ten, I have all of the old and new Thomas DVDs. I miss the old Thomas series, they were using models and to this day they were using computer CGI but I like the new Thomas series and I still like it to this day. Now I'm 13 and I never liked Thomas anymore. I gave my wooden Thomas collection to my brother cause he likes Thomas more then me. Once I was watching Nickelodeon on my TV, Then I heard a sound of something being pushed into my letter box. I looked down and it was....

Thomas And The Killer Cars Tape.png

a tape laying on my mat. The tape was called "Thomas And The Killer Cars" I said to myself "Alright, I'll see if my brother would love this Thomas tape..." I gave my brother this tape and he was very excited, my brother said "Thank you very much, brother!, Did you bought this Thomas tape for me?" I told him "I didn't bought it, I saw it laying down on my doormat" He put the tape on the video player so he can watch this strange tape. While I was watching one of the SuperMarioLogan episodes on my computer, I heard him say “What is this?”. I ran to the living room and said "Everything okay?", my brother continued watching an I rewinded the video to the beginning and start watching the tape alone.

T Title.png

The tape started with weird music and it began with a wooden toy-like Thomas saying "Hello, my name is Thomas." I said "Alright, is this a stop motion Thomas tape?" I don't know why my brother cried over a strange stop motion footage, then one of the cars yelled at Thomas but I didn't hear what the car said, the car screamed at Thomas like its yelling at him for no reason. The toy cars kinda remind me of these Hot Wheels cars. Then there was a fast zoom in of Thomas's face, now I know why my brother is crying over this jumpscare, then they fighted for 5 seconds, then Thomas was defeated and he left. The blue wooden train went to a wooden station and there was a yellow wooden figure with some kind of a Lego top hat on his head which kinda looks like the fat controller. the fat controller said "Thomas, you were a really useful engine" Thomas said "Thank you sir" (with a happily voice) The cars appeared and they yelled at Thomas again and the scariest part was.....Thomas's evil grin on his face and they fighted again for 5 seconds and there was a split second frame of Thomas running faster, FASTER AND FASTER, the car was running faster like Thomas and the fat controller screamed "THOMAS" Thomas and the red car crashed with a BIG explosion, Thomas won and then the car died. Thomas had a black eye and covered in bandages or something. Then the video ended with a peaceful happy children's music.

My face was very shocked about Thomas's face. After the 10 or 20 seconds of end credits, there was a split second image. It was a text saying "YOU'RE DEAD" The text scared me alot so I switched off the TV and I threw the tape in the trash. I went to my brother's bedroom and I told him "Don't worry bro, I threw the stupid tape in the trash" My brother was still crying and he will never like Thomas anymore. Later that night, I couldn't stop thinking about that Thomas grin face. Then I heard my Iphone ringing and it has the name......Thomas, I said "What do you want from me" Thomas said "YOU'RE DEAD" (with an evil voice) and it hang up. I put my phone silent mode and then the most scariest thing ever TV turn on by itself, I walked to the living and on my Tv there was the EVIL Thomas face from the footage. In the morning, I was on Facebook looking at photos and some of my friends asked me "ever heard of Thomas And Killer Cars? I found this strange episode on my sister's Thomas DVD, you'll see what happens, My sister cried about the evil grinning Thomas face and it gave her nightmares" I messaged him "Me too, my brother cried about the fast zoom in in Thomas's face, also I was scared of the SCARY Thomas face and after the video ended, there was a text saying "You're Dead" Just then the power went out and I try to fix the generator but it didn't worked.

After I closed the Facebook screen, my wallpaper screen was the Evil Thomas face. I was confused, my real wallpaper screen was a 1966 Avengers wallpaper and I didn't change it to a stupid evil blue train face. I ignored it so I switched off my laptop and watched the news, the news guy said "A 6 year old Thomas fan stabbed himself with a kitchen knife by reacting to a Thomas video" The boy's parents told everyone that the episode was called Thomas and the killer cars. I was scared and switched off the TV and went to bed. I messaged the same guy on my mobile, I messaged him "I saw the news and a Thomas fan stabbed himself by reacting to the video" Now I was scared, my friend messaged me and said "I know, it said that the video was accidentally released in a Thomas episode selection menu" Then my mobile powered off by itself but then I ignored it. I was feeling thirsty so I took a drink to make me feel better so I will never think about the stupid blue smiling train, after I drank it, the radio turned on by itself and it said "YOU'RE DEAD" (with Thomas's voice) seven times and it screamed and then my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was....THE WOODEN THOMAS TOY (From the video) with the grinning face and it was covered in blood. I turn on the fireplace and I burned it. after it burned, I turned off the fireplace and threw it in the trash. I will never EVER SEE THAT WOODEN BLUE TRAIN AGAIN. Everything was back to normal now. Now I will never EVER think about that scary blue train again. Here's a message for you: If you find the tape, self destruct it and cut out its film.

Credited to Jadenxerri153

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