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Have you ever heard of Tim? Would you believe his story? Would you believe it if I said it has paranormal activity that killed Tim? If you're like me, then no, you wouldn't. I never believed the story...

I found out the heard way what happens when you think Tim lied. The story is about Tim, a young 10 year old living in Miami. He had just gotten his first ever Nintendo system. Tim would play it from dawn to dusk. But his father didn't like the thing Tim got for his birthday, so the father smashed the thing. Tim was upset with his father he locked himself in his room and never came out.

Or so they thought.

Tim's mother pleaded with him to come out. Tim always answered with, "If Nintendo dies, then Dad should die."

This went on for months. Tim's mother finally called the police. They broke down the door and found nothing. Tim's room was cold as ever. No heat, no drinks anywhere, no food.

Tim's mother thought Tim had ran away and had a record playing that line. But there was no record player and it responded only with the mothers voice. When the father responded to his room. No sound but every time the father spoke the dog always whined. There was no explanation at the time.

Years went by and because of Tim the family moved out of the house. In 2007 the police went back to the case with the death of Tim's mother. They had picked up a voice so high only a dog could hear it.

It was determined the voice only came when the father tried to talk to Tim, the voice said, "Your son is in your shadows, wanting you to be alone..."

The police went back to the house and the room and picked up nothing. A scientist decided to stay in the room one night. While he was doing research, a storm came and he left. But he left a video recorder there.

When the police looked into the recorder they stopped it when lighting struck and looked at the wall. When it lighted a shape of a boy was there and what looked to be a cord around his neck had a NES controller hanging off of it.

The police had nothing to think of it so, fearing something, they put the father in a cell. One night when the wind was cold as ever. There was a light whish. The police checking every cell eventually came to the fathers.

He was gone.

The cell door was locked, the window was tightly shut, and nothing had been tampered with. The only thing left was a red button, of what? The police searched the building and declared the man dead. One night a officer claimed to see a boy-like figure holding a controller like thing, looking up at a man hanging by the end of the controller.

Do you believe this story? At first I didn't. I just thought it was some hogwash. Of course things did happen. While I won't get into much detail, I did have feelings once in a while and my shadow did look a little different. So do you believe?

If not then learn the hard way, like I did.

Credited to Blindknyttstories

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