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january 26th, 2033

I have found a gunshop. They sell Glock 97's, m16a8's, and many other things. I bought a copy of Half-Life 12 episode 7 on steam version 400.2. it was my birthday in a few days, i got some nice gifts and went back 3 days. i saw the military using laser guns on the aliens that are apparrantly attacking earth as the zombies get past our defenses, murduring us all. godzilla was defeated by elite hobo-troopers as i die in a volcano full of piss. i haxed into my own computer to find out my own password so i could punch you in the face. i bought a lego set based off of star wars episode potato it's sponsored by disney, roblox is now a smoldering pile of death, ya know what?


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