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january 9 1987 what was it tommorow i venture in the cave i dont know what to expect but if anyone finds this journal im dead john terry missing since 1987. jounel entry #1 january 3 1792 im finaly in a new state i just cant wait until i finish my log cabin. journal entry #10 it was a monster that killed my mother a monster i tell you it had giant eyes long legs and a heart on its head but it has no head its just not there jackson mcarthy died due to severe mauling and blood loss. january 1 1733 i saw something in the woods i went to investagate i heard a scream something i had never heard before it set chills through my spine it jumped at me it ripped my arm clean off the pain was horrible in ways i can not describe i ran to the nearest town in new york i know im not gonna make it but i will never forget what i saw i call it the SHINGER. marcus mathang died by blood loss. january 5 1700 something terrible happened the people on board the mcathy were found dead i saw something crawl out of the ship something i saw in england but i must be just perinoid i should get to sleep. john doe missing since he went on a hunting trip january ? 1899 Im going to die today im going to shoot myself better to die than that beast if you are reading this tell lisa i love her. jack adams died of suicide all of the men who died were in ther 40s to late 50s so i know im gonna die because of tho goodbye crule world BANG BANG OH NO klaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AHHHHHHHHHHkHHHHHHHHH SHING Mathew Toren died by ?

LOLSKELETONS' NOTE: This pasta was apparently deleted from the Creepypasta Wiki on April 5th, 2012. On the same day, Cheese Lord posted it in a comment on this blog post about the "worst creepypasta you had read". It's not hard to see why. The original name for this pasta is currently unknown.

UPDATE: Apparently the original title was "It shall kill tho".

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