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Today I was playing some harmless Terraria.

I was on a world that I had started with my friend on the PS3 version of the game. We created some new characters but had to delete some old characters to create the new ones. Once we had done that, I deleted my old world and started a new one.

We spawned in a Forest biome, collected as much wood as we needed to build a house, and made the necessary requirements for a new world. After some mining and wood-chopping, he had to go home. I saved and exited off of the game. Later I was bored of watching TV and went back upstairs to play Terraria again. Though, something was wrong.

I went to select which character to use and I saw that our new characters were gone; but our old ones were back. I thought this was a messed up save so I deleted the old characters again and made exact copies of the new characters. My new world wasnt destroyed, so I played on it. 

This was my mistake.

I went on and my wood house was broken down, blocks missing. My friends house was gone with nothing but two gravestones left. I went over to read them and they each said "Zed was killed by Sayan" and "Ison was killed by Jake". These were the names of our new characters and our old delted characters. I quickly shut off the machine. Later I booted it back up to try and delete the old characters a second time and the world.

Another mistake.

Even though it had worked, when I created my characters again and my world, a gravestone appeared  saying "You shouldnt of done that" and the game deleted itself, along with me.

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