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Total Drama is a American TV show aired on cartoon network,teletoon etc. filled with comical teens who are eliminated throughout the series by their cruel host Chris McLean, and his sidekick Chef Hatchet. But, there is a movie deemed unairable for obvious reasons.

It starts with Chris at camp Wawanakwa where he quotes his usal," Welcome to total drama. Im your host Chris Mcclean, and im here to put teens through painful obstacles with my unpaid co-host/unpaid intern Chef. Lets meet the contestants who will probally get hurt, A LOT!" Chris and Chef did their sadistic chuckles. Im not going to name all the contestants because that would take all night. Anyways heres why the movie wasnt aired it was a DEATH CAMP! The first obstacle course was they all had to make it from one side of the camp to the other without getting killed by Chef. (Who had a chainsaw.) At first Mike was falling behind because of Mal before he could turn back to mike Mal plummited a knife through is arm and said showing no pain "You thought you could get rid of me huh, wrong old Mikey!" Mike finally got controll again right before Chef push his chainsaw to the ground, and instead of hitting Mike like intended he sliced Sadie's arm of as Katie watched Chef laughed manicaly as he finished her off as she wallowed to Katie as Chef finished both of the girls off "Why?!" were their last words. Courtney started complaining to Scott about how chris was going to pay and Eva told her to "Shut up and run." They finally made it with only two who didnt make it. The next course was apparently the 2nd out of three. and it was a survival by gun Chris said 2 would die. The first was Eva, because Courtney shoved her into Chef and he shot her square in the head she called courtne a bi- she couldnt make out the last of it. The next is B. It is unknown how he died but his body was in the bloody water by the dock. Next was the last challenge an all round course. Sorry ill have to make a part 2 im out of time to finish this it wont take me long to make part 2 though.

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