Transclichés: Rise of the Cliché

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

OK, I NO YOUR NOT GOING TO BELIEVE ME BUT THIS IS REAL. I WAS AN INTERN AT NICKOLODEAN. We usually get to watch episodes before they Bel-air. However, sometimes they put morbid jokes as the title (the first one I saw was "Obese" ) We watched an episode called Squidward's Fucked. It was just a black screen, and there was screaming. Then we saw Squidward, naked, being surrounded by Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, who touched his privates and stuck his clarinet in his ass. We were all scared. My boss, Red, came in and hung himself by an escape rope. Jeff The Killer told our coffee guy to "GO TO SLEEP" and stabbed him in the shins. My best friend stuck his hand in the fan and it got chopped off, and hour later he died from the pain. I was sitting there, freaked out. It turns out only Red could open the door, but his key was outside the door. I jumped out a window and Forensic and Happy Appy got me. I drove to a yardsale and bought Slender for D.S. It wasn't haunted. So I drove back and returned it and bought a haunted pokemon game called Pokemon Patrixxx Pink. That game was haunted and I just mailed it to you. Anyway, what I saw in the game was: Dead NPCs, mangled pokemon. As a starter, I recieved Patrixxx. He was lvl 100 and had all the OP moves. I used a squirtle instead of him. But then it said

"PATRIXXX WANTS TO MURDER JIMMY!" I never use my real name in games. My real name is Jimmy. Suddenly, my cartridge popped out and Lavender town theme started playing. Then something else popped out.

A SKELETON! (...or is it?!)

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