Trapped in Lavender Town

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I was just an average 7 year old before the day of the incident. How would I know I would become trapped in my copy of Pokemon Red version forever? The story starts at Christmas, 1996. I was 7 years old and was at my aunt's house. My family is one of those families that get together at holidays. I was playing in the yard with my little cousins when my aunt called us in and told us it was time to start opening presents.

I ran to the house as fast as my legs could carry me, I couldn't wait to see my toy ocean. When I was done, I was sad that most of my presents were clothes, and even more I didn't get the number one thing on my list: Pokemon Red version.

The next day while I was getting ready to head home my grandma came to me and said there was something she had meant to give me yesterday, but she had forgotten all about it. She handed me a small box. I opened it up, and it was a copy of Pokemon Red version. I began thanking my grandma countless times. When I was finished, I popped the cartridge into my Gameboy.

Oddly, there was a save file already on the cartridge even though it was brand new. The save files name was simply,"Red". Curious, I booted up the save file. I was in Lavender Town, but there were no people in it. I tried to go in one of the houses, but I would just come back out.

I tried to leave the town but I would just come back in. Then I checked my Pokemon. I only had one Hypno, and its only move was fly. I knew that Hypno couldn't learn fly, but I didn't think twice about it since I realized that I could use it to fly somewhere else. I told Hypno to use fly, but the only place I could fly to was Lavender Town.

Disappointed in myself for thinking that would work; I backed out of the fly menu, only to see a fully colored Blue staring at me, which was odd because the Gameboy could only produce black and white.

I talked to him, and he said, "You can't escape from me. Hee Hee."

Then a battle scene initiated. A picture of a fully colored Red appeared saying, "Please come back for me". Then he began pixilating away when the game turned itself off.

I reached for the power switch to turn it back on when my mom came into the room and told me it was time to go home. I gathered up my stuff, said bye to my family, and then got in the car. When I got home, I got my Gameboy, only my copy of Pokemon Red was missing.

I looked everywhere for it, but I could not find it. I was very upset.7 years later, I got the Gameboy player for GameCube. I had forgotten about what happened at Lavender Town. I went to go get one of my old Gameboy games from my closet to test it out, when as if by magic, I found the copy of Pokemon Red I had lost 7 years ago. I was very happy to find it, even though I couldn't remember what happened the last time I played it.

I inserted it into my Gameboy player and turned on the TV, when I saw a small, red dot on the TV. I pressed the start button on my GameCube controller, but the only thing that happened was the dot got a little bit bigger. I kept on pressing the start button until I could see that the red dot was a fully colored Red.

I continued to press the start button until Red took up the whole screen. When I tried to press the start button again, but it just made the sound it makes when you walk into a wall. I tried pressing some other buttons, to no avail. Just as I reached for the reset button, Red's eyes began bleeding.

Then his fists began banging on the TV, but the sound didn't sound like it was coming from the speakers. It sounded like he was really banging on the glass. Then he said.

"Why didn't you come back for me? Do you have any idea what its like to be trapped in a cartridge?"

Then the Lavender Town theme began playing, only it seemed more eerie. Then I began to get sucked into the TV. When I was all the way in, Red began to leave the TV. When he was all the way out, he picked up the Gameboy player. Then he said, "Let me show you what its like to be trapped in a cartridge!" Then he took out the cartridge.

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