Trip to the 746876275km Pokemon tower.PART 1

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Made by RulesCrash569.

One time,a man told me if i can climb the 74687627km Pokemon tower,i would be invincible.I thought it was bullshit,so i went home.Then,i ate Lunch and went to watch some TV.It was broken...>:( !!!!!!! ...And for some reason that old man from before was watching me through the mirror.

So,i decided to go to the 74687627km Pokemon tower.When i got there,i coulndt see the top.I went in,and before i knew it,i was in a battle.It was easy,considering i had an lv.100 Venasaur.So,i continiued.I was encountering a bunch of random battles,until i fougt the GHOST.I couldnt find my poke-doll,probably some team rocket asshole took it.

I ran from battle,and then went looking for that guy.I found him after a couple of hours,and beat him easily.Then,he gave me my poke-doll back.I went to fight the GHOST again,and surprisingly,i couldnt enter Lavender town anymore.

I was very confused by this,so i went to train my Charizard.NO ENCOUNTERS!I went back,only to find that i could enter again.But...My Venasaur fainted!I was like:"Fuck.".But,i did have a lv. 99 Charizard,so i didnt care.I beat the GHOST,but then a skeleton popped out and said boodlebeeboddlydoo! This gave me nightmares. Then my brain exploded into about 235442354675.335 pieces.

Will be continiued in Part 2.

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