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First, a little backstory.

Getting the official new Trollpasta Wiki up was quite a hassle, mainly due to demotivation and depression caused by the fact that the original site was shut down and most of us had lost years of our work. The head admin/site owner at that point was also finishing up university and didn't have much time to focus on the site rebuilding. We were all very aware that when we made the new site we would have to spend months cleaning things up to make it usable. As expected, it did take months. We started this site in the middle of February 2021, and from that point forward were editing it non-stop until early June 2021, which is when 90% of the site maintenance was finally complete, and we officially 'opened' the site.

You can help the Wiki out by doing the following:

Before we begin, it should be noted that this site runs under two URLs., and - you should only link the site using the URL. It's the same site, so if you make an account on, it will also be created on, and the other way round.

  • Getting the word out that the new site is up. It's been a while since the original Trollpasta was shut down, and this site is relatively new, so we do need a bit of help getting the word out. You can do that by linking this site on other places, like chats, forums, comment sections, and even your friend groups - but don't just post it willy-nilly, it has to be on places where Trollpasta is relevant, such as shitpost threads, bad creepypasta YouTube videos and threads, etc. you get the point.
  • Editing or commenting a little bit. This helps the site stay afloat.
  • Helping us fetch the old images. The XML import Wikia/FANDOM gave us did not contain the images due to copyright reasons. Thankfully about two thousand of Trollpasta's pages were saved on, so to help us fetch the images you can go here:*/* - click the pages, download some of the images you find, and upload them to the site with their original filenames, which should be easy to do as they're automatically saved as that on This would be greatly appreciated.

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