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Once upon a time, I was on the Trollpasta Wiki. I was doin' my usual stuff... you know... writing intentionally bad creepypastas. I was browsing all the pastas to see if I could get a good laugh. I laughed at a couple, they were full of cliches. But then I came across an odd one named "Why?" I dunno, what is the question? Anyways I clicked it, and my computer froze. "Aw god..." I said aloud. Well at least I THOUGHT it froze. after 3 seconds of freezeness, The realistic Patrick face (Or if you prefer, PATRIIIIXXXXX) popped onto the screen, along with a loud, distorted Kefka laugh that made my buttcheeks clench. I don't know how, but my computer shut down after that... I was scared beyond belief... I know what happens when somebody keeps playing a haunted game out of curiosity, even when the 4th wall is screaming in pain. They either (A) Die, or (B) Get scarred for life, so I just stopped playing EVERYTHING on my computer. After 2 days, though, I decided to get back on out of curiosity. (Hey! Don't judge!) When I went back on, my Desktop Background was changed to the hyper-realistic Patrick. This scared me a little, and I decided to get a drink to calm me down. When I did that, however, the Patrick was STARING AT ME. STARING AT ME. I'm not talking about the illusion of a flat portrait always staring at you, I mean IT WAS ACTUALLY STARING AT ME. At that point, I just ran. I ran. And ran. If you're wandering how I am typing this, I am at a friends' house. I am typing now because I don't think I have much longer... So, If you see a pasta called "Why?" NEVER CLICK IT. He'll get you.

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