Trouble On My Mind

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Chapter 1

Givemepancakes took the final sip from his beer, with his other hand on the steering wheel. He had spent all day mugging people, and earned 17 whole dollars from it. When Givemepancakes finally reached his crib, he got out a B-40 and relaxed a little. At his crib were two of his friends, DONTLOOKFORME and Coffee Shop Corporate Raider. His other homies, FillyBoSEKTOR and I, Da Cashman, were out selling drugs on the street.

That was when Elliot burst into the room

Chapter 2

"DOOD THAT GANG YOU BEEFIN WITH IS COMIN!" said Elliot. Givemepancakes spat out his beer and joint, and said "HOLY FUCK!" while spitting out his blunt on the floor. "WHERE ARE THEY MAN"

DONTLOOKFORME looked out the window with his binoculars, scanning the horizon for those signature bulky bikes of Tha Badminz, the gang they beefin with. Givemepancakes breathed a sigh of relif, then pulled out his cellphone and called up Cashman.

Chapter 3

Meanwhile, Cashman and FillyBoSEKTOR had just sold all of their fine Columbian product down on the edge of Deletion Log Valley, the worst hood in Detroilpasta. As FillyBoSEKTOR put the empty bag back in his pocket, he said to I, Da Cashman "Yo, I think even tho we done cut dis shit wit crack, we still stacked paper up to tha ceilin!" Cashman responded with "Daaaaayum, we gon be ridin on twennyfo inch chrome, yanaawhatimsayin" I, Da Cashman`s cellphone rang. He heard the voice of Givemepancakes on the other end. "YO HOMIE WATCH YO ASS CUZ DEM BADMINZ IS BACK IN TOWN NYUCKA" Cashman ducked down behind the car, and slowly stood up to get a look up at the road peeking outside of the valley. Cashman`s fears were confirmed, as a big bulky motorbike cruised down the road, undeniably belonging to Tha Badminz. "Ho-lee shit man, I see them right here!" "Aight, can you see which one of dem Badminz is up in that biatch" Cashman, against his better judgement, stood up more to get a better look. "Uhhh, looks like it be SOMEGUY123 and Godzillafan1, wit Godzillafan drivin while SOMEGUY got a BIG FUCKIN GUN!" Givemepancakes responded "Okay now, listen to me. Ope-" A gunshot rang out from Givemepancake`s line. "OH FUCK!" several voices yelled. Givemepancakes dropped his phone and crouched down as the bullets rang down, no question about who shot them. "AY COFF, WHERE`S THE DAMN GUNS!?" yelled DONTLOOKFORME. Coffee Shop Corporate Raider went into the back room where the gang kept their guns, returned a few seconds later and...

Chapter 4 (Where shit goes DOWN)

It's wise to listen to 'Pusha T. - Trouble on my Mind, Feat. Tyler the Creator (Lyrics)' while reading Chapter 4 and beyond.

CSCR tossed Givemepancakes a semi-automatic UMP .22 with laser sights, gave DONTLOOKFORME a tactical fragmentation grenade launcher + magnum, and kept a pump action shotgun for himself. DLFM shot a grenade out at the Badminz attack squad, consisting of LOLSKELETONS and Fatal Disease, destroying their motorbike instantly, however the group had retreated to a long line of cars in a parking lot forming a wall. CSCR dramatically cocked his shotgun, Givemepancakes turned on his laser sight, and they all opened up on the group. CSCR blindly fired out the window, laying down a flying field of shrapnel death upon the Badminz. Fatal Disease peeked out of the wall to return fire, but was shot in the arm by CSCR. Givemepancakes leaped up onto the windowsill, providing supressing fire at the wounded Fatal while yelling "THIS IS WHY NO ONE FUCKS WITH US, BIIIIIIATCH!".

Chapter 5

Fatal was bleeding out, and fast. LOLSKELETONS hotwired a nearby car, and tried to drive it back to the HQ, while Fatal lay wounded in the back seat. Givemepancakes picked the phone back up, and called Filly again. As gunshots rang out from the broken car chugging slowly past the crib, he tried to call Filly multiple times, but he never picked up. "Dammit" swore Givemepancakes as he and DLFM ran out the door, shooting their guns wildly while running for the Compton.

Chapter 6

The car roared out of Givemepancakes's garage, with DLFM using his last grenade to provide cover.


I'm just showing off all the ghetto slang I know at this point. 

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