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i was watching femily gay (family gay guy) and on the tv's guide another family guy was coming and after that another.

the next day on adult swim american dad was next. a king of the hill marathon was replaced with one american dad episode. after that one was one episode that was suppose to come on (not suppose to).

the 2nd episode-the title was the family guy title and theme but instead of brian it was rodger the alien but he was fucking drunk he fell on the floor knocked out.

so it was night and steve was in his room with his friend but the asian one was yellow. i thought that was really racist cause asians are kinda yellow.

so stan came in and he was drunk he yelled tell your fucking friends or whatever to get the fuck out of meh house or i'll rip off there testicals and you to steve!!. he threw a football at steves face. steve yelled and his friends walked down and rodger hit them with a baseball bat and they fell down the steps and the asian hit his head on duh wall and died.. so the friends broke a couple bones and rodger got snot (the wart friend) and ripped his head off and put it on his head. rodger said yay!!! ...i gots a hat. rodger then put klouse the fish in the microwave and klouse exploded in there and rodger got him out and threw him on the floor and rodger at klous off the ground.

steve screamed as stan jumped on steve and they both fell down the steps. and stan ripped stans dick off and forced the fat one to eat it. steve screamed and ran and roger tripped him. francine looked at steve and said hi steve. and she walked away. francine didn't give a shit.

stan kicked steve out the window and a tree fell on steve. steve was dead and blood was all over him.

haley ran down the steps and tripped on the fat one. and the fat kid rolled on haley. and the fat kid got up and francine yelled stan its a giant plump turkey!!!.

stan looked and said no francine thats the fat kid. and francine said i don't give a shit. and francine put the fat kid in the oven and the oven exploded. and francine threw footballs at the fire alarms to break them. and stan pushed francine in the oven fire and francine died.

haley ran to dad crying and yelled people are dying in this house whats going on! stan yelled no really?! rodger then went and stole stands car and crashed into a bar.

rodger then banged some girls and one didn't want to has sex with him so rodger threw a molitove at her and the whole bar got on fire. rodger ran stupidly on the streets screaming on fire. and he got hit by a car. jeff then ran down stairs and questioned stan. and stan hit jeff with a beer bottle into a fire where he got burned.

haley screamed at dad and stan punched haley out the window. and her head hit the tree.

haley got up and stan kicked her head like a ball. haley died. and greg and terry ran to stan and yelled what happened. stan ripped gregs head off and snapped terrys neck. and the house got completeley on fire. and stan looked at the screen and said me is cum-ing for you.

stan got out of the tv and pulled meh dick and me was in american dad stan then ran away and got git by the car.

and the house exploded and i'm pretty sure i diedy. and a skeleton popped out.

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