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It was a typical night,I was watching Alchestbreach on YouTube,he is my favorite youtuber after all. I watch his hilarious specifically until 3:00 am. At 3:00, I usually go to Mr Creepypasta's channel to listen to his amazing voice tell me terrifying stories. Tonight I decided to watch a Jeff the Killer creepypasta,one of my favorites. But,as soon as I clicked on the video,it said in bold letters," IM SORRY,YOUTUBE IS UNIVALIBLE AT THIS MOMENT,TRY AGAIN LATER." At this moment I was sad,because I wasn't able to watch YouTube now. I clicked okay,and it still played the video. I thought to myself,"Maybe I found a loop hole." As I was watching the video though,the message came up again,and I clicked ok again,which led me to a message that said,"I TOLD YOU WE WERE UNAVAILABLE." YouTube does not usually say things like that,but,I thought nothing of it. I kept watching,triggering another message that said,"YoU MigHT wAnT tO GeT oFf BeFoRe It CoMeS." Holy sh*t something was definitely up here,not only did it say something a video sharing website can't,it did it in damn serial killer letters! Turned the computer off and tried going to sleep,but I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. In my dream,I dreamt I was in the computer and that those letters were crushing and stabbing me over and over. I sprung up and was breathing heavy. That dream felt way too real for me,I even felt pain. I looked over at my phone(I keep it next to me when I sleep) and saw that I had gotten a message,from an unknown number. The text said,"DiD yOu HaVe FuN?" And 10 min. later,got another text that said,"gO tO hErE iF yOu WaNt It To StOp:@8&!?;5dhj;32vw.exe." And so I did,only to find a message that said,"I'm coming in 10...9...8...7,when it got to 6 I took the mouse and smashed the computer to little pieces. I might have stoped it from coming for me,but I wish I could've stoped it from coming for someone else. So if you see a message that says You tube is unavailable,don't click ok,exit out right then. PS: this is the second creepypasta I've made, hope you enjoyed!

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