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Kirby dose his taxes

kirby begs sakural to put bandana dee in super smash bros ultimate

bandana dee be comes a playable character in smash ultimate

Kirby betrays his friends

Kirby Goes to the Fridge to Grab a Glass of Milk

Kirby end up being prison roommates with the friends he betrayed

Kirby goes to church on Sunday

Kirby goes to space because he can

kirby craches his mom car (red version)

kirby craches his mom car (blue version)

Kirby becomes a bitcoin billionaire

Kirby does his spring cleaning

Kirby gets scammed by dicks

Kirby summons Satan

Kirby purchase a sandwich

Kirby learns that his son failed a test

Kirby beats the absolute shit out of metaknight with HDMI cable

King dedede gets cancer

Kirby makes a lets play channel

Kirby trys to 100% run Mario 64

Kirby visits the trollpasta wiki

Kirby goes on a road trip with his family

Kirby beats his son because he was Caught watching gay pron

kirby witnesses a gang shooting

kirby makes a trollpasta

kirby gets rekt in fortnite

kirby plays maryo kart 10 for the ploystation 5

Kirby burns drown a house

kirby plays fortnite

kirby does a fortnite dance

kirby calls you at 3:00am

Kirby joins the kkk

Kirby runs away from the police

Kirby begs Mario to add dreamland in Mario odyssey

kirby makes a reaction channel

king dedede finds love

Kirby makes his own fanfic

Kirby blows up a church

Kirby spends his life savings on overwatch lootcrates

Kirby gets drunk

Metaknight crashes the halberd

Kirby sells drugs to kids

Kirby becomes racist

Kirby becomes a flat earther

Kirby becomes Nova

Kirby destroyes all

Kirby's Son Superstar

Kirby's Son makes R34

Kirby becomes a Sans fangirl

Kirby's Air Ride Super Star Ultra Canvas Curse Dreamland 64: Kirby makes America great again.

Kirb: Earth Robot

Fans beg Enij to include Kirby in SMBX 2.0 Beta 4

Kirby becomes a character in SMBX 2.0 Beta 4

Roy makes a Kirby patch


Kirby's Demented World of SMW Romhacks

Wait, Kirby already has SMW romhacks. DISREGARD THAT I WATCH GAY PRON

Kirby vores himself in a DeviantArt picture

Some guy manages to get a boner from that

Kirby vores himself in a DeviantArt picture 2

Kirby hijacks a radio station

Metaknight burns down a house

Kirby SUCCs Gamestop employees

Kirby goes to Prague

Kirby burns down Prague

Hasuke becomes very sad

Kirby go on a walk

Kirby unlocks the scar in R2DA

Kirby gets killed by a brute in R2DA

Kirby smashes his NES

Kirby sucks up the entire universe and kills everyone

Kirby plays the Playstation

Kirby gets kick out of Hal

Kirby makes a news channel

Kirby Commit Suicide

Kirby Revives Hitler

Kirby gets a speeding ticket

Kirby plays banjo kazooie

fell free to add more

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