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I am an animator and game dev because games have more potential to get attention than animations and videos.

Just call me bkas.

I found this wiki from looking at one of my sillypastas on Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki (it's called "geo team dies"). I am glad I found this wiki.

I usually make good pastas but when i am bored i make joke pages

I also make edits to help with brand spankin new trollpastas, and Thermometer helps with my articles.

Enjoy, and welcome to my gravy train.

Pages I made for some reason

You know how episodes are counted weirdly? WHO CARES?!?!11?!

AlphNation - Bye-Bye, Dark

Demons in us All


The rest of these are titled as lyrics of the Johnny Test theme song on this page. Keep in mind that these take you to different pages.

got a head of fiery hair and a turbo charged backpack (Superfast!)...
his genius sisters use him like a lab rat (JohnnyTestS4E1.fla)

A neat freak dad at home (Homestar101.exe), a Super Busy Mom (Little Baby)

The boy's best friend is a talking dog (THE MOST EBIC REALISTIC VR GAME ADVENTURE EVAR!!! New Funky Mode HD Remix Country Bad Fur Day The Electric Boogaloo & Knuckles) (a talking dog? that's right.)

Three extreme teens and an air breathing shark (BLUES CLUES : ZE EPIC MOVIE SHEQUEL Bigger Longer and Uncut The Electric Boogaloo Sponge out of Water On The Run NEW Funky Mode & Knackles)

Mega action game controllers skating in the park (I am the cheese)

A parashooter, BLING BLING what do we make of this? (Windows 11.exe)

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