WWE SummerSlam 2013

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This is how I believe SummerSlam

should go, starting with the Bryan vs

Cena match, I know it's long, but it's

better than what WWE could do.

RVD could come in, its a Triple Threat,

and win with one Five Star-Frog Splash

on both of them

But he does the Frog Splash from the

top of the arena, or from a cage that

they has suspended for a Steel Cage


And the ring implodes

And then out comes UnderTaker

And RVD throws him over the rope

from the hole he made in the arena

And then pins Bryan and Cena

And then it auto-transitions to the next

match where Lesnar breaks out literally

from the ground

He F5's all them then eats them

Then Punk comes out and GTS's

Heyman busting him open

Then he Go To F5 Sleeps Lesnar

And then tries to pin

But Lesnar reverses into an F5

And Punk lands on Michael Cole right

as he's saying

"Don't forget to buy the Official WWE


Then Cena AA's Lesnar and Punk

Then flips off the crowd

Sudden Heel turn

Taker bursts out of Lesnar's gut

Tombstones Cena

Then RVD comes out and Rolling

Thunder's all the Cena fans

Then Bryan comes out but gets eaten

by Lesnar again

Then Taker reaches into the ground

and pulls out Macho Man Randy Savage

from the dead

Then they KO everybody

Then Lesnar eats them both, then

Heyman turns on Lesnar and hits him

in the butt with a ladder

Then Punk pins Lesnar

New WWE Champ Daniel Bryan

New Hardcore Champ CM Punk cause

secretly their match was for the return

of the Hardcore belt

Then Mick Foley comes out and DDT's


Michael Cole goes

"You gotta give Cena credit, he's doing

a great job out there"

Then sudden announcement

TNA has closed

Hulk Hogan comes out and leg drops

everybody, new WWE champ and

Hardcore Champ and WHC and Tag

Team and European and

InterContinental champion Hulk Hogan

Then Zack Ryder comes back and

defends his Internet Championship

Then wins all the titles back

Hogan gets fired by McMahon

Then the main event is a 50 man Royal

Rumble for all the belts

Lesnar eats everybody

Punk GTS's him

Then the Wyatt Family comes in at the

end and wins all the titles

Then Damien Sandow came out, cut a

promo, beat the Wyatt Family, won all

the titles back

Then Sheamus comes out

He gets beat down by GoldDust

Then out comes the Shield


They have all the titles

Arena explodes as they all yell



In a Death Metal like way

Michael Cole advertises WWE App


Lesnar eats him

JBL becomes sole commentator

Lesnar shits on him

J.R. hired back as commentator, Nova

is brought in as well

Lesnar eats JBL

The End of SummerSlam

Credited to Kevin Minecraft 

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