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did you ever hear of the new disney channel show wander over yonder? it seemed like a very good show with nothing to hide , until i heard the theme song in reverse . it said the words , now your never , now your never , now your always , now your always , im sorry , im so sorry , do do you do , remember me? do do you do , remember me? do do you do. i was shocked . what could that mean? i was up until 2:00 in the morning trying to figure it out , but nothing. i whent to my bedroom and at 5:00 in the morning to see something very odd on my tv , it was a wander over yonder commercial! i knew that i put my tv off before i whent to bed at 2:30 . the commercial was very odd. it showed commander peepers dying in a hospital , and it also showed wander dying from old age and going to hell. at the end of the commercial it showed the intro for 3:00 while the song smells like teen spirit played backwards and at the end of the song all he said was i hate you! i hate you! i hate you! my tv whent to static and never saw it again , even when i looked it up on youtube. i continue to investigate this show but i dont know what will happen if i keep my research up.

Credited to wander609 

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