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My little brother and our best friend John and I all went to camp called red stone and we were transfers leaders at camp red stone me and john decided to do a kitchen raid we were going to wake up my little brother Ethan but he has a bad habit for telling on us so we weren't going to take any chances so we snuck past Ethan and went straight to the camp kitchen and then right when we opened the door we heard a noise from our cabin then we ran to our cabin because we thought Ethan was waking up we quickly got in to our sleeping bags and went to sleep then I woke up the next day and I looked at John then I looked at Ethan and I was breathless it was Ethan and there was dry blood on his face and his hands!!. I said John help get the nurse Ethan has blood all over. Then I waited and then John came in and said the nurse is gone but there is nothing wrong with Ethan it was gust dry blood so I got Ethan and told him what happened and he said he dint no anything about what happened so I went down to the lake to wash Ethan up when we saw a dead body flouting I went in and flipped over the dead body and it was the nurse and her small intestines where all hanging out and there was barely any skin left on her face and scratch marks all over her body we got all the councilors and had a councilor meeting and told them there was a wolf that has the taste for blood so we all got the campers in the lobby and the head concealers got the emergency shot guns and waited and waited until it was night and then everyone went to sleep everyone but Ethan ever since he was seven he has been turning at night and not having control over it but it was getting worse because our dad was a wear wolf but only my mom dad and Ethan new about it so Ethan locked himself in the kitchen and tide himself up. Win I woke up I found every one dead except for John and me I was in shock then all I thought of was finding by brother. Then I walked out and fined Ethan in the field next to the camp with his close all ripped up and had fangs still then I thought he's a wear wolf. watching you :)

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