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You know how during your childhood, you make up weird creatures and animals that become your imaginary friend? Yes? I thought so....

Well, this happened to me once. I had made something up called a 'Weener-Hoozer.' I know what you're thinking, what the crap is a Weener-Hoozer, but don't worry, I'll tell you...

It's this - arm, that comes out of the wall, and grabs your side, and before you have the time to whip your head around... it's gone.

After hearing about this, my sister would grab all of my family's side and blame it on a Weener-Hoozer!

Weener-Hoozers are kinda odd at first, and I thought I made it up for quiet awhile. Well, everyone did, but what really happened was I once saw it, but forgot. I remembered it when I encountered one again. I was sitting at my desk, watching some YouTube, when I felt a great tug on my shirt.

I said a curse word and jerked my head, seeing the Weener-Hoozer. It was right there, and it had the jointless, snake-like arm that I couldn't see the source of. I felt like I was about to pass out, and I did, because I don't remember anything after that except for solid-black darkness.

Weener-Hoozers have made me change, a bit... because everyone knows about it now. My church, my family, my friends, some of the internet. I'm just spreading the word, so you can hear about one. That wasn't the last time I saw a Weener-Hoozer, though.


I was sitting on a beach-blanket, having a pic-nic with my family, eating an apple. I put the apple down, to get a fry, then when I turned around I could clearly see a Weener-Hoozer retrieving the apple. That was the last time I saw a Weener-Hoozer, and I don't plan to see one again.

That photo you see is the closest recreation I could possibly make of a Weener-Hoozer, because Weener-Hoozers don't like photographs. Maybe you might find one, in your closet or under your bed. Weener-Hoozers are basically EVERYWHERE!

At the mall, grocery store, gas station, and your own house. It turns out, if you ever make up a friend, animal, or creature, chances are you found it in your closet when you were 4-years-old...

Just saying.

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