Weeping Willow

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There is an old tree that sits atop a quiet hill that was once used to hang unfortunate souls during the dark era of lynching and vigilante "justice" - although those days are long gone the tree itself has gathered a host of legends due to its past, one of the most striking legends is that of Old Man Jitters.

According to legend Old Man Jitters will appear only at night under the old tree, appearing as an impossible tall and skinny African-American male with a long noose around his neck: completely naked and notorious for his sunken eyes that are said to stare into the soul this spectre looms over those who dare to stray too near the tree at night.

To run from Old Man Jitters is, they say, a terrible mistake and the spectre will pursue with frightening ease - reaching over with impossibly long arms and striking victims dead with a touch, old stories talking of people being found in the morning laying under the old tree, cold as ice and with a look of shock upon their faces.

Yet if one was brave enough to stay put the legend claims that Old Man Jitters will not harm them, instead he will ask them at what time the strange fruit hangs - legend states that one must always answer "only the wind may know", at which point Old Man Jitters is said to respond with a small chuckle and fade away.

To give any other answer, they claim, will result in Old Man Jitters reaching out and strangling the victim.

As for whether their is any truth to this old tale, I can't say either way - all I know for certain is I haven't seen many people go near that tree at night and I'm not one for testing to see if old legends are real or not... after all... you can't never truly tell.

Credited to BloodPony

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