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So I began my day reading some poke Creepypastas because my mate Max likes pokémon a lot and we watched the easter egg on silver after we read this we watched the video below and after the scary picture, weird things started to happen. Here is a list:

1. I desided to play Minecraft and went on a sever called craftsnow.net and then everyone left the sever and someone called. Clownface joined but however when I pressed tab his name did not show up, then he said I KILL YOU all in caps that he would normally get kicked for but no he was not a admin show a asked to tpa to him and to my shock his skin was in 3D! After that Max fainted.

Still looking for iders anthing to do with a video game and please correct my spelling.

so then we decided to play Happy Wheels and a weird face started singing: "No christmas for you!" over and over again, and an object moved, we got realy freeked out. Normaly his character his skin on Minecraft had changed to the tails doll from Sonic.

Credited to Op101no5

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