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It was a normal Thursday night and I was innocently watching "My Name is Earl" and eating some delicious taco salad. I quickly was mowing down the large bowl of processed meat, lettuce, taco shells, etc. and I decided to get another serving. I climbed the stairs up from my basement whilst humming "Sing" by my second favorite band "My Chemical Romance" but that's off topic.

I filled up my bowl with the delicious saucy goodness and hopped down my stairs. I opened up my laptop and noticed how Minecraft had started up. I was a little freaked out but then remembered my Laptop has Java loading problems and it takes ages to load anything up (I was still playing my beloved game but I was using the In-browser version). I decided I would start-up a new world using the flat world option.

I set my seed to "666" just for the hell of it and spawned beside a village. This was different though, All of the normal villagers looked like they were sad, or scared. I thought nothing of it and explored the newly generated terrain getting 33 diamonds from multiple chests before night settled in. I took down a large house in the village I had settled in and made myself a crafting table. I crafted myself a full set of Armour and a sword and decided to go hunting. I opened up the door to my shack and was instantly greeted by an army of slimes, zombies, and skeletons.

I took them out and went hunting for spiders because I for some reason always need to have a bow in-game mainly for safety reasons. I strolled around the area looking for the eight legged bastards when I saw something off in the distance: A light of some sort. I sprinted over to it hoping to find another village when I found some sort of pool of lava, Thinking that it was just a generation glitch I moved on a little spooked by the happenings. Day light rose and I continued to hunt for towns and murdered pigs to fill up my quickly depleting hunger bar when I was stopped in my Tracks. A perfect end portal was placed directly in front of me. I knew for a fact that this was NOT meant to happen. I saw that I had the tools to defeat the dragon and decided to jump in. That was a huge mistake.

As soon as the screen saying "Entering the end" I knew for sure that something was up. The usual background was not blood red and almost looked like it was crying (a lot like the unadded "Crying Obsidian"). I spawned in the hellish world, The end stone looking more like Netherrack. I mined my way up (Because I spawned underground).

Once I reached the surface I saw this was NOTHING like the End I had been to so I booked it and opened up my Single player commands hoping to get back to my home but my chat key was clogged. I looked up at the sky hearing a high-pitched screen and looked back down. WHITE EYES. My title screen showed up, I had died. My Laptop shut down and I am now typing this from my old Desktop. I only have one warning for all who read this:


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