When A Man's Gotta Go

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Peter was a very tired young man. He had just scarfed down a beef and bean burrito from the local gas station, and his stomach was telling him to never do it again. "Fine," he said to himself, "At least not until tomorrow." He continued playing his MMORPG game, and marveled at how many more experience points he would need to buy a new ship.

Suddenly, his intestines had decided that they couldn't take the pressure anymore. He ran to the bathroom, flipped up the toilet seat, and sat down. Little did he know that this would be the last shit he would ever take. Oh.

Instead of taking a normal shit, he felt an increasingly sharp pain in his stomach as if an alien was going to POPout. He screamed for help, but he lived alone and never had any friends he could even call. Suddenly... it burst. Highly realistic gore flew everywhere, and his skeleton popped out of his skin, flying into the air like a rocket model blasted at a junior high school science fair. His skin was left behind like a humancrab's fleshy shell.

The end.

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Credited to Cjaymarch84

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