Why Ghosts are Meant to be Unseen

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The legend is that if you sit in three of the graveyard chairs from midnight until one minute after midnight, you will have the ability to see ghosts, but you will pay with your life. This, however, did not apply to three high school football players on Halloween Night in 2003. They pulled into the graveyard in the middle of a large, open area. They had heard the legend and decided to try it, but one of them refused. He sat down and watched the other boys ran from one chair to the other. Then he sensed that something was wrong.

Exactly one minute past midnight and getting cold he decided he was going to go home with or without them. He walked up to them and hesitantly stopped in front of them. His friend's, eyes widen with fright just stared at him. He walked up to them, put his hand on one of the boy's shoulders and smiled. "You see, it doesn't work guys. We should go home it's getting late."

They both looked up at him again; the boy closest to him whispered "I........can.......see.......you". He droped from his chair and slumped onto the ground lifeless. The other boy yelled "I KNEW WE SHOULDN'T OF, I KNEW HE..." Cut off from finishing, he was thrown out of the chair into a tree. Quickly he got up and he limped back to the car. He stoped, took a deep breath, he knew it was too late. He turned around to see his friend, smiling at him. "Told you not to try and find me".

Police found the car the next day along with the body of the first boy. The car, covered in blood and chunks of flesh, they could not make out the body of the other.

Written by AdamT1234
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