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I had a really odd dream a few nights ago, where it was just 5 hours of watching Wilson play with a tampon. Yes, a tampon. Those little cotton thingies that your girl consumes in a week. I think she eats them or something. It felt more like an hour, but the clock in the backround said it was 5 hours of tampon playing. I guess time passes faster when you're having fun, but Wilson seemed to be the only one having fun in this dream. I was watching, utterly disturbed at a fully grown man playing with a tampon in what seemed to be MY bathroom. And yes, I am female.

The beginning was probably the weirdest part. I seemed to be in my bathroom, and it looked like I was playing the role of the mirror. It was empty at first, and then Wilson walked in. He opened one of the drawers, and seemed to be looking for something. When he found the tampon, it was already clear that he wasn't looking for a tampon, but his curiosity got the best of him. Wilson looked extremely confused, wondering why a tampon was in the drawers. I thought to myself "Why is he so confused? Isn't this my house?". And then it hit me. Wilson was the only one in this house, and he clearly has been the only one for a while. He also clearly didn't notice me. I was just along for the ride. I sat there and watched Wilson struggle with unwrapping the tampon with his hands, before giving up and using his teeth. He acted like he had never seen a tampon before, and he looked like he was taking notes in his head. It was a bit cringy, and I tried to look away, but I just couldn't. It wasn't like it was an urge to keep watching, I physically couldn't. I had to sit there and watch a middle aged man play with a tampon like he never saw one before. It seemed like Wilson was trying to figure out its purpose, recollecting everything he knew about menstruation (which clearly wasn't much). I tried to focus on my peripheral vision on a clock on the wall, and it looked like he has been doing this for at least 15 minutes.

As I focus my sight back to Wilson, I notice he is trying to get the cotton part out of the tube, and he wasn't succeeding. He tried to use his teeth to pull it out, and again failed. I honestly can relate, as I don't even know how to use a tampon. That's a personal matter though, and doesn't belong on the internet. Eventually, Wilson figured out how to get the tampon out, which I wont go into detail about. It seemed like the tampon was rock-hard, as the tampon slipped out of his hands and made an audible "thunk" noise as it hit the counter. Wilson tapped on the tampon with his knuckles, and again it made audible knocking sounds. He seemed really confused as to why cotton was really hard, and I felt the same. He even went as far as biting down on the tampon, and it seemed like it hurt him a little bit. Wilson placed the tampon on the counter, staring at it with the kind of "Did you just do that?!" look. He looked like he was trying to figure out how he could make it softer, and he noticed how the tampon had little grooves, indicating it was folded. It looked like he was trying to unfold the tampon, which took a bit of effort. After a bit of a struggle, he succeeded and started to fidget with the unfolded tampon. I was cringing a little bit, even though I do the same thing. I had so many questions. Why is he in my house? Why has he never seen a tampon before? Why is he playing with it? What is even happening right now? After a while of fidgeting, Wilson turned his attention to the strings, which were tangled after all of his fidgeting. He started to untangle the strings, stopping to adjust his collar every now and then. For the really tight parts, he used his teeth, but don't we all? Wilson was about to succeed when he pulled something wrong, tightening the knot again. He let out an annoyed sigh and looked disappointed in himself.

I laughed a little bit, and when I did, Wilson's disappointment turned to anger. The kind of "someone just laughed at me" anger. I didn't know if he heard me, or if this was pure coincidence. Wilson began untying a little faster and a little more panicky as time went on. It seemed like each time he came close to untying the knot, something went wrong and he had to start over. Each time this happened, he got a little angrier and a little more annoyed. I kept looking at the clock, and then back at Wilson. After about 15 minutes, he was clenching his teeth from anger. After about 45 minutes, his hands were shaking a bit. After about an hour of this vicious cycle of anger, he was mouthing swear words every time he screwed up. A little more time passed and Wilson went from anger to outright rage. Teeth clenching turned into teeth grinding, and he almost cussed before catching himself. His anger was actually making me a bit anxious myself. He seemed like he was about to give up, when he pulled something just right and the entire knot came loose. Wilson let out a sigh of relief, and tugged on the strings to straighten them out a bit. He proudly held up the tampon, and he cracked a smile of satisfaction. After that, he turned his attention back to the tampon itself. It looked like he was trying to force the tampon back into shape, which took a lot of effort. He even went as far as biting the tampon. Wilson tried pushing it against the counter, and twisting it a little bit. After some effort, the tampon was shaped like a crude version of what it originally looked like. Wilson then turned his attention to the insertion tube, and tried to force the tampon back into the tube. It didn't exactly work out the way he wanted it to, and the tampon slipped and Wilson's finger jammed into the tube. It looked like it hurt pretty bad, but he didn't seem to be in pain until he tried taking his finger out of the tube.

I cringed a bit, as I have actually got my finger stuck in the tube before. After Wilson got his finger out of the insertion tube, he noticed how the plastic got bent out of shape. This gave him an idea, and he tried to bend the plastic out of shape so that the tampon would fit back inside. He almost succeeded when part of the tube snapped, which made him jump a little. The tube had cracked all the way down, rendering it unusable. Wilson threw the tube away, shaking his head in disappointment. I chuckled a bit, which seemed to agitate him again. I didn't (and still don't) understand why he had a negative reaction every time I laughed at him, because he clearly doesn't know I'm here. Anyways, Wilson put the tampon down, and snapped out of whatever feeling caused him to play with a tampon. He threw the tampon away in disgust, and left the bathroom. I thought it was over and started counting the minutes until I thought the dream would end, but then I heard running and I heard something hit the door. Wilson then entered the bathroom, and he apparently forgot to open the door when running. Something had scared the shit outta him, and apparently there was blood on his hands. I now had a little more freedom, and used it to find out that the tampon apparently got blood on Wilson's hands (because dream logic). I woke up, utterly confused as to what I just witnessed.

The lesson to this story is that you can have weird dreams when sober and healthy. And your dreams can reflect your weird habits in the weirdest ways. Yes, I know this is cringy and a little creepy, and no I did not enjoy writing this. I figured something like this would be right at home on a creepypasta wiki.

Just to be perfectly clear, I find this cringy as well. I wrote this mostly to get it off of my chest and also to see what kind of reactions this will get. I will not be offended if this is removed or ranked down to a "subject to deletion" pasta. Its shit.

Credited to McJohnalds 

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