Winnie The Pooh Lost Episode-Winnie's Death

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It was a sunny day that day, I'll never forget that. In fact I won't forget most of that day. Let me explain....

"MOM!" I yelled. "What honey?" My mom tried to stay calm of my yelling. "Winnie!" She knew what that mean't, when I wanted to watch Winnie The Pooh I'd yell that. "Ok honey, I'll turn it on." She turned on the TV and switched it to Nick Jr. "Yay!" I remember the TV turning on and the episode beginning, oh god the episode.

I started at the title, it said something like "Making Friends! (the "easy" way). Being only 7 I sat and just waited for the show to start.

It started with Winnie the pooh waking up from his bed, by now I realized it skipped the intro, he looked around and saw the door open. He got up and looked around once more. "Hello?" Winnie said, almost as if crying. "What did I do?!" he yelled. He walked out his door seeing nothing, not even his friends. "Why'd you leave me!" He looked around and fell on his knees.

"I DON'T DESERVE THIS!" He started punching the dirt. He stopped and stared at his bloody hands. I still watched, eyes wide open. "I need friends, that's it-hahaahHAHAHAA-" I kept staring. "Let's go find some FRIENDS!"

He got up and walked, soon he came upon a child, looking much like me. "HI FRIEND!" The child waved hi. Winnie The Pooh took an axe out of nowhere. "FRIENDS FOREVER!" he swung the axe at the kid and dug into his neck. "FRIENDS!" I stood there, staring. "YOU'RE NEXT!" It ended and said FIN and showed the dead child for over 30 mins. Now I'm in my basement...-CLING- What the...! NOOOO "FRIENDSSSSSSSS"

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