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It was just a normal day. I went on to play one of my favorite games... Well it used to be my favorite before the incident. OK, I know what your thinking. "This is fake crap." Well I have proof it's not! Try to Message/Attack/Mate with her! If it responds Theres your proof! FLAT OUT!

I was looking around on users online... Until I found "NightEcho" It said it was online so i clicked it... it had horrible stuff on her profile like "Life is nothing it's all a nightmare." and Satan related crap. I tried to report but it didn't work... it just said cannot report user: NightEcho.

I was confused and though "hey this would make a cool creepypasta!" so i mest with the html and put 666SaTaN at the end. I searched it and it said no such link. So I kept refreshing until i got so tired i just thought "Nah it's just some creep... It dosent work." Until iI tried to press back. It didn't work. I was thinking "Ummm ok..." So i pressed exit. Everything was ok. I was really tired and freaked out so I went to bed. In the morning I went on again and my desktop was changed. It was just a blank desktop... just pure white. But suddently words came on it that said "Don't you ever EVER do that again." When I tried to log on to wolf haven it wouldent work until I finaly got on... it said i was NightEcho. i tried to log off... No use I tried to exit... No use... i tried pressing back... That didn't work either... I was really freaking out and I thought I saw her char blink at me. Then... I fainted. I woke up in my bed. And the computer was off. That was the day I stopped playing wolf haven. If you look at her avatar long enough you will probably see it blink too...

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