Wolfen the Pimp

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Written by TentakleTherapist on request

At 666:00 on Friday night, you will encounter some strange prostitutes. You must drive by these hookahs and do not make eye-contact with any of them. If you do, they will come after you.

If you didn't follow my fucking instructions and pick up a hookah or more, you will be followed by a pimped-out fighter tank and if you do not pull over and step the fuck out, you will be blown the fuck up. If you step out after pulling the fuck over, you will be greeted by Wolfen the Pimp.

He will ask you for twenty dollars because you fucked wit one of his hos. If you give him the twenty dollars, he will leave you the fuck alone. If not, you will forever be one of his hos.

If you succeed in this shit, you know, your reflection wherever your at blah blah blah watching you blah blah blah.


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