Wonderful Masterpiece (Copypasta)

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The graciousness I have seen watching this is absolutely magnificent, The life suffering through might and shall be terrible but this video, artwork, even possibly absolute masterpiece, will help all others including me have to un-accept the fact that life is horrible. My heart could profusely explode out of tears and the joy watching this piece of artwork created by such mankind will help me forget all the troubles I have had or seen. Shedding tears, It makes my eyes feel like its been glorified with graciousness, such a masterpiece put together deserves to be given a great award, a glorious award, a precious award. The feeling of peace making me yawn peacefully into sleep gives me great feeling but to seek no help due to how this helps me so much with all my life's problems currently, this video makes me suffer through any crisis I am in, No matter how hard it hits me, This glorious extremely gracious, wonderful, award-deserving, flabbergasting, tear-making, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, beautiful, and absolutely inspiring masterpiece makes me want to give the man who used all his soul to create this a paradise in life due to how much relaxed I get from watching this.

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